Dr. Carrie L. Forrest, Ph.D.

General Fees

Dr. Forrest's fees are reasonable and comparable based on her training and the area where she practices.  Fees are based upon the services provided.  It is customary to pay for services at the time they are provided. Dr. Forrest is not in-network with any insurance carrier, however, she does file claims electronically as a courtesy to clients who wish to use insurance. In these instances, once we determine what portion of the cost an insurance company will pay, the client is only responsible for paying the balance at the time of service. This can be discussed with Dr. Forrest or her staff when setting up an appointment or during your first appointment. Because of confidentiality issues some individuals prefer not to involve insurance companies with the Doctor or their treatment.

Dr. Forrest accepts Workers Compensation, personal injury and product liability  adjudicated cases.  She provides insurance reimbursement information.

She also accepts Visa, Master Card and Debit Cards for payment.



Hypnosis Fees


Dr. Forrest's fees for Hypnosis are reasonable and comparable in the area where she practices and generally based upon the issues addressed.  Fees are paid upon the first appointment for the "Hypnosis Series."  There is an initial meeting where the client's hypnotizability is evaluated and Dr. Forrest gains a thorough understanding of what is requested and required.

If a  "Hypnosis Series" is completed for one issue, the cost of an additional series to address a second issue is significantly reduced.  For instance, if seen first for smoking, after successful completion of that "Hypnosis Series,"  a second "Hypnosis Series" e.g. for stopping drinking or losing weight would be at a minimal amount.  All these issues can be discussed with the Doctor. See the Hypnosis section to learn more.



Other Fees


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In addition to direct clinical services fees, there can be other fees.  There are charges for time taken to prepare reports, managed care documents, as well as consultations by telephone and/or e-mail. 

Because appointment times are expressly reserved for you, missed appointments or appointments canceled without 24 hour notice are charged the full fee. 

There is also a small fee for separate or duplicate Hypnosis CD's.

Payment Types

Dr. Forrest accepts Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Cards as payment types.