Dr. Carrie L. Forrest, Ph.D.
Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Forrest is highly skilled and trained with Psychological Evaluations.
She has always enjoyed administering, evaluating and writing psychological evaluations.    She utilizes numerous objective and subjective psychodiagnostic measures.  She is able to access and evaluate clients related to: Workers Compensation, Product Liability, Pre and Post Surgery,  Family law, Employment, and general psychological evaluation reasons.

Emotional Support Animal

In addition to the evaluation reasons listed above, Dr. Forrest also conducts Psychological Evaluations for those who feel they may need Emotional Support Animals. Evaluations can usually be completed in 1-2 visits and related documentation can often be prepared within a week.

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Dr. Forrest was appointed as an Qualified Medical Evaluator during the spring of 2011.  She is proud to be a vital component  that supports  the Workers Compensation system. 
Dr. Forrest's  opinion is based on her expert judgement, experience, training and skills.  She provides substantial evidence on disputed issues that need medical determination, including medical causation, treatment and disability based on "reasonable medical probability." She insures that her evaluations contain clear and substantial evidence following strict procedural and legal requirements while never losing sight of the Injured Workers humanity.
Dr. Forrest  has a long history of working with medical and legal professionals which underpins  her ability in meeting the Workers Compensation systems needs.
Dr. Forrest states: "I strive to maintain  the highest of standards.  I fully understand that the clarity and substantiation  I state in my evaluations are critical to the outcome."