Dr. Carrie L. Forrest, Ph.D.
It is very common for someone who has not consulted a Clinical Psychologist before to have questions about how Psychotherapy works.  Or perhaps you have seen a Mental Health Professional before and you are interested in my particular techniques and how I  work.  I hope the following helps to answer some of your questions. 
Much of the time you spend in Psychotherapy will consist of talking about yourself, particularly about your thoughts, feelings and memories.  Along with talking I use many other methods such as, Dydactic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress Reduction Techniques, Relaxation Training, Biofeedback, Journaling, and Role Transitions.  I am considered an Eclectic Psychologist, which basically means I will use  whatever techniques I determine to be appropriate for you as an individual.  For instance, you may be assigned small tasks to do between our sessions, or given handouts to read, in order to help make the work we do during our appointments even more productive. 
Treatment may involve individual, couples or family sessions depending on the type of issues involved. 

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Anything you discuss during your appointment will be kept completely confidential.  Information about you or your treatment is only released with your specific permission.  However, there are several specific situations in which confidentiality may be set aside.  For example, your insurance company may require you to release information concerning your treatment before reimbursing you.  Other situations include those in which a person's life or safety is immediately threatened.  California law also requires that all instances of suspected child or elder abuse must be reported to the appropriate legal department and the Department of Social Services.
Generally speaking most individuals benefit the most by attending Psychotherapy on a weekly basis. 
Though there are times and circumstances where that may change.  The actual length of a persons time in therapy is  determined upon the individual and their particular issues and concerns. 
 Please feel free to discuss any other questions you might have with Dr. Forrest or her Staff.  You may also e-mail questions.