Dr. Carrie L. Forrest, Ph.D.
Expert Witness

General Specialties: Forensic Psychology and Psychology

Specialty Focus: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, Sexual Harassment, Trauma, Disability Evaluation, Malingering, Fitness for Duty, Chronic Pain, Occupational Evaluation, Addiction, Expert Psychological Review, Workers' Compensation

Education: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Sierra University; M.A., Clinical Psychology, California State University at Sacramento; B.A., Psychology, California State University at Sacramento

Years in Practice
: 30+

Summary of Experience
Expert in emotional distress due to chronic stress or catastrophic events arising out of psychological trauma, employment injuries, or physical injuries. Expertise in workplace dynamics, stress disorders, employment litigation, depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and malingering.

Certified as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) in the state of California since 2011. Served as Independent Medical Examiner (IME) in the state of California from 1991-2001.

Performed numerous medical-legal evaluations, immigration evaluations, and general psychological evaluations for young adults, adults, and geriatric populations.

Completed psychological evaluations for neurostimular implants, gastric bypass surgery candidates, and provided therapeutic support to these client populations.

Provides comprehensive psychological evaluations resulting in timely, articulate, and tightly worded narrative reports that link cause and effect. Takes pride in serving as an objective evaluator with a balanced and pragmatic perspective.

Dr. Forrest began her career working in psychiatric hospitals. She has served in Psychological Director positions, wherein she developed treatment programs and oversaw doctors and staff in the administration of psychodiagnostic measures and the completion of evaluations. In her private practice, Dr. Forrest continues to specialize in treatment of trauma (PTSD), depression, anxiety, addiction, and other psychological issues. She has been successful using a variety of psychological techniques to help clients in their recovery. She also has significant experience in forensic psychology and the completion of evaluations, and she enjoys working as part of a team to develop a clear and complete psychological picture of each evaluee.

Dr. Forrest is a U.S. Air Force veteran. Her military enlistment enabled her to complete her psychology doctoral degree, and adds to her understanding of how military service impacts veterans and their families.

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